Hotels are better at listening to customers’ needs than tour operators, according to the Thomson and First Choice Trends Report 2009.

The poll of the general public revealed that while supermarkets are unanimously thought to be best at listening to consumers, hotels came fourth with 87% of the public saying they listen to complaints, as opposed to 63% agreeing tour operators listen to them.

However, the sector beat airlines, which came 10th, with just over half of consumers agreeing they listen.

The survey of Thomson and First Choice customers revealed that six out of 10 have made a written complaint about a travel issue, while as many as seven out of 10 have filled out a customer satisfaction form.

However, one in 10 admitted they give no customer feedback to their travel provider.

TUI Travel UK and Ireland managing director Dermot Blastland said: “We were very surprised to see how few people think their voices are heard by the companies and organisations that are set up to serve them.

“But if one in 10 people aren’t giving any feedback at all, things won’t change as fast as they could.

“We want to more people to give feedback, whether it’s a good, bad, small or major point.”


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