A Facebook group set up by a London agent protesting against British Airways’ (BA) seat reservation charges has attracted 130 members.

Travel Designers managing director Nick McKay set up the group after BA announced it would charge customers who want to reserve their seat more than 24 hours before their flight. The charge will vary from £10 in economy for short-haul flights, to £60 for Club World travellers.

A total of 130 people have joined McKay’s ‘Say NO to BA seat reservation charges’ group. McKay aims to double the number of followers in the next couple of weeks, before taking members’ feedback to BA.

McKay said: “No one has been in favour of the charges. We have had one client switch to Virgin Atlantic because of them. I have also had clients asking why they have to pay more for business than economy, but I can’t explain it.

“My worry is where British Airways goes, others follow.”

BA has defended the charges saying they will “give customers more control over their seating options”.