Tui Travel’s education division is to beef up its online capabilities with the appointment of a dedicated distribution director.

Tanya Murray has been promoted internally to the role having managed group IT audit and business continuity teams.

She joined Tui Travel more than two years ago, having previously held positions at Centrica and Santander, and starts in the Brighton-based position on February 1.

Murray will be responsible for delivering a strategy “to build and optimise e-commerce capability across the division”.

This includes building website capability across the division “to acquire and retain customers, increasing their loyalty through improved web and mobile channel services and tailoring and embedding e-commerce tactics across the 39 different educational brands”.

She will also implement the e-commerce strategy across multiple technology platforms in different host countries, including US and European destinations.

“We want our school trips and educational visits to always be ‘front of mind’ with group leaders and in this fast changing information age, content is king,” Murray said.

“I also hope to enhance group leaders’ experience of their trip and make their journeys easier by generating genuinely useful mobile apps and appealing content for social media platforms like Facebook.”