Projecting the right image to potential employers is key to finding a new job, experts told an employment webinar to help industry workers uncertain about their futures in the current climate.

Speaking on C&M Travel Recruitment’s Travel Candidate Webinar in association with Travel Weekly, HR and talent professional Claire Steiner said “personal branding” was key, from having the right attitude to the right profile on social media.

“Your personal branding is how you project yourself to the world. It’s also about your attitude; you are an ambassador for yourself,” said Steiner, UK director of Global Travel and Tourism Partnership.

She said job-seekers could demonstrate their attitude by being flexible in terms of the roles they are prepared to take on and being willing to learn new skills.

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Steiner said companies would also vet a candidate’s profile on social media as part of background checks.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t show travel pictures or networking or party photos,” she said. “But think about the image it is portraying; be aware of what is not appropriate.”

C&M Travel Recruitment director Barbara Kolosinska said social media could help candidates find new positions “if used in the right way”.

“Look at your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts,” she advised. “What do they say about you? Many companies want to recruit people with the right attitude as they know they can teach the skills.”

She also advised candidates to use their time wisely while job hunting, such as keeping on top of industry news, developing new skills such as learning a language, or volunteering.

“Sell yourself,” she added. “It’s a competitive world. There will be much more competition for every role.”

Steiner advised job-seekers to “reach out” to people in their industry networks, and said networking can be done virtually in lieu of face-to-face opportunities.