Wendy Wu Tours has reported a “significant upturn in demand” coinciding with the various progress reports on Covid-19 vaccines.

In the last four weeks, the tour operator has seen an increase in bookings for travel in 2021 and 2022.

As the UK comes to the end of an England-wide lockdown, the operator has extended its current offer of ‘free flights’ for 2021 and 2022 bookings for two more weeks. It is now running until December 14.

Wendy Wu Tours has also added New Zealand to the list of countries qualifying for the offer, meaning it is now available on 29 escorted tours.

Global sales director John Warr said: “We have long believed that travel will recover with a considerable bounce back as soon as a vaccine was available. News now of the imminent vaccines is proving this to be correct and is one major step in the right direction for the whole of the travel industry and a positive step for the entire world.

“We’re seeing some really positive support from the trade with agent engagement at its highest level since the pandemic hit. Our number one priority now is to help our agents to reap the benefits of this upturn in travel confidence. This is great news for agents and of course will help agents to incur some healthy commissions.”