Cathay Pacific has warned of flight disruption in Hong Kong due to a typhoon heading for the region.

Adverse weather caused as a result of Typhoon Kai-tak could affect services at its main hub between midnight tonight and midday on Friday local time.

Typhoon Kai-tak is forecast to make landfall in western Guangdong rather than Hong Kong, but high winds and stormy conditions may still mean the airport is affected on Friday.

The Hong Kong weather bureau has issued Standby Signal 1, warning of a nearby cyclone as Typhoon Kai-tak heads towards the South China Sea coastline.

Cathay Pacific warned passengers of potential disruption at its main hub.

The airline said that “based on the latest weather forecast for Hong Kong International Airport, we plan to operate our flights as scheduled today (August 16 ). However flights may be subject to disruption between midnight tonight and Friday midday (August 17)”.