Passengers flying from Madrid airport are being urged to reduce the amount of checked-in luggage this weekend due to a baggage handlers’ strike.

Those arriving at the airport have been told to expect delays of up to two hours in receiving their bags.

EasyJet made the plea while admitting to some “minor disruption” to flights from the Spanish capital.

“Baggage handling is one of the services that has been impacted by the strike action. So far baggage disruption has been minimal, however with increasing passengers loads this coming weekend, there is an increased risk that passenger bags may fail to connect to your flight,” the airline warned.

The budget carrier said it strongly recommended passenger repack their luggage into two small bags that can be taken on board the aircraft with them and be loaded into overhead compartments when travelling between tomorrow (Thursday) and Sunday.

“We are trying to minimise the amount of checked-in luggage to be loaded in to the holds of the aircraft,” easyJet said.

“Passengers arriving in to Madrid may experience delays (up to 2 hours) waiting for your bags. We appreciate that this is an unacceptable delay and is very inconvenient.

“We can assure you that we are continuously monitoring the situation and working with the handling agent to avoid this excessive delay.”