A system designed to “significantly” reduce the weight of aircraft is going on a 12 month trial by easyJet in a bid to cut its fuel bill.

The use of zonal dryers on four Airbus A320 aircraft aims to cut weight created by moisture by up to 250kg per flight – the equivalent of 12 hold bags.

The zonal drying units will contribute towards reducing the airline’s £1.2 billion annual fuel bill.

There is an additional benefit of improving air quality for passengers, according to the airline.

Flight operations manager Chris Foster said: “Fuel is a key focus for easyJet and this is one of a number of initiatives we are implementing in order to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

“There is the potential to save 4.5 million kg of fuel per year by using this zonal dryer technology and we’re confident that we’ll see significant and positive results on completion of the trial.”