Monarch Airlines says it is unconcerned by Ryanair’s apparent recent conversion to customer service as it prepares to put its people at the forefront of a new advertising campaign.

Tim Williamson, customer service and marketing director, who previously worked in tour operating for Tui Travel aims to instil a tour operating ethos throughout the airline.

As well as enhancements to the onboard experience, including regionalising the experience, the airline also plans to offer much greater levels of service in airports, both in the UK and abroad.

Asked about how Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has recently signalled a more customer-centric approach, Williamson said:

“Having service in a business is not something you can just switch on and off. Service is a culture.

“One of the reasons Monarch can do this is it’s in the DNA of our business. Just because your shareholders tell you should start looking after your customer does not mean it can happen quickly.”

Monarch believes that while its brands are well recognised in the UK many people may have not recently experienced them and understand the difference to rivals.

This will be a focus of its 2014 advertising with the group putting an emphasis on the “heroes” in its business who deliver its customer service.

“It’s going to be our actual staff, not models,” Williamson added.

“Throughout the process of talking to customers, staff and looking at the market, we took the deliberate decision to feature our staff.

“This campaign reinforces the fact that service has always been central to what we do and gives us the opportunity to recognise that we have what customers really want but find missing – great service.

“The campaign builds on the work we are already doing to renew and refresh our customer service proposition.

“Into 2014 we will continue to invest to make Monarch the airline best known for superior customer experience and value.”

The new advertising campaign will start at Christmas. Monarch said it will bring authentic service stories to life as the campaign “features the service ethos and 45 year heritage that underpins the airline”.