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Passengers using UK airports are more likely to be delayed than almost anywhere else in the world because of a squeeze on runway capacity.

Seven British airports appeared among the worst for delays in a newly-published global league table.

Gatwick was ranked 192nd out of 196 airports for the number of aircraft arriving or departing within 15 minutes of schedule last year – more than a third of its flights were late.

Stansted was in 190th place, Luton was 189th and Manchester was 188th. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Heathrow were all in the bottom 33. More than a quarter of flights were late going in and out of Heathrow.

This compared with only 7% at Osaka in Japan, the best-performing smaller international airport, while only 9% of flights were late at Tokyo Haneda, the best large-scale airport.

The study by OAG comes weeks after the government delayed a decision on capacity in the southeast of England until the summer.

“Runway capacity continues to be an issue of course,” John Grant, a senior analyst at OAG, told the Times.

“Heathrow and Gatwick’s on-time performance ratings are both down on last year, a real reflection of how far those airports are stretched for capacity.”

He said that both airports “have now almost reached full use”.

The annual punctuality league ranks airlines and airports across the world by the proportion of flights taking off or landing within 15 minutes of their official schedule.

Bristol was the best UK airport, ranked tenth, with 88.6% of flights on time.

At Heathrow, 74.6% of flights were within 15 minutes of their scheduled time, while at Gatwick only 65.0% were similarly punctual.

Tokyo Haneda achieved 91.3% of flights on time, ahead of Munich, with 87.7% and Sao Paulo Guarulhos, in Brazil, with 87.5%.

A Heathrow spokesman said: “Heathrow is the only major hub airport in the world to operate at 99% capacity and we operate more than twice the number of aircraft movements on just two runways than the combined average of other global hubs.

“While we’ve become extremely efficient at it, we will only be able to build more resilience into the system with additional runway capacity.”

A Gatwick spokesman said: “Incidents beyond Gatwick’s control have had a big influence on the airport’s overall performance and punctuality.”

A table of the best airlines placed Latvian budget carrier airBaltic at the top, with 94.4% of flights on time. Monarch Airlines (88.2%) and Flybe (87.5%) were the only British airlines to make it into the top 20.

The most punctual British airports*:

88.6% Bristol
85.6% London City
84.4% Birmingham
76.5% Edinburgh
74.6% Heathrow
72.1% Glasgow
68.7% Manchester
67.4% Luton
65.0% Gatwick

Major airports worldwide:

91.3% Tokyo Haneda
87.7% Munich
87.5% Sao Paolo Guarulhos
85.3% Minneapolis
85.2% Sydney
85.0% Melbourne
84.8% Singapore Changi
84.4% Atlanta
84.1% Frankfurt
83.6% Seattle

* percentage of flights within 15 minutes of schedule. Source: OAG