A Suffolk travel agency owner sailing around the world has admitted the epic journey is beginning to take its toll as she passes the halfway mark.

Travel Stop founder Bridget Keevil set off on the Clipper 
Round The World Yacht Race 2015-16 in August, leaving her husband Paul in charge of her travel agencies in Elmswell, Claydon and Hadleigh.

Recently Keevil, who is tasked with organising the food on board, arrived on dry land for the first time in a month after departing Australia for Da Nang, Vietnam.

Speaking to Travel Weekly from Vietnam she said: “If I could fast forward in time, it would be July 30 and I would be back in St Katherine Docks in London.

“This race is all about pushing my boundaries to the absolute limit – I just hope I am going to be strong enough mentally and physically to reach the end.

“I miss everything about home – my family, my dog, my work.”

Keevil has managed to see some family in Sydney and plans to see them again at one of the US stopovers.

“Thinking of all the friends and family back home that are willing me on gives me an extra bit of oompf,” she added.

Keevil speaks to her family at least once during every stopover and updates her blog – thefatbirdandtheboat.wordpress.com – every two days.

During the leg prior to her arrival in Vietnam Keevil’s foul-weather suit leaked and would not dry out, and she speaks of sometimes seeing herself as a “liability”.

“My clothes underneath are wet when I take the suit off,” she wrote on her blog. “My skin is sore, my clothes stink and I feel very dirty.”

The mum-of-four, who is raising money for Abta LifeLine, has covered 20,000 miles so far.

To donate to Keevil’s cause, which has raised over £3,200, go to justgiving.com/bridgetkeevil