Short-term confusion following the Brexit vote is likely create a problem for late bookings, a poll of Atio members reveals.

One member warned that demand over the next 12 months will be down by 20% while another has cancelled plans to hire more staff.

Aito members felt that uncertainty will weaken demand, together with currency changes and a weak pound, with negative forecasts and large company relocations exacerbating this.

In the days immediately following the referendum, half of respondents felt there would be only a limited impact; 38% a great impact and 12.8% a huge impact.

However, currency was not seen as a problem due to hedging.

Over the summer as a whole the number expecting only a limited impact rose to 65%; those expecting a greater impact fell to 23% and only 10% felt there would be a huge impact.

Summer bookings are already in place for some but very slow for others.

But by winter 2016/17, 46% expected a great impact and 12.8% a huge impact.

Beyond next winter, 40% felt there would still be a great impact and 12.8% a huge impact.

The majority had no plans to impose surcharges in the immediate future.

An Aito spokeswoman said: “With much forward buying having mitigated currency dangers, and tailor-made specialists buying currency at the time of taking bookings, the financial risks seemed not to be uppermost in members’ minds; rather it was the drop in demand was occupying their waking hours.

“Overall, members felt that there will be short-term confusion, but could not refrain from feeling that – for them at least – there will be a positive outcome in the long term.”