Virgin Atlantic is promoting a worldwide fare sale on the back of research claiming to show that a third of the British working population is not taking its total annual leave allowance.

Potential holiday time is being replaced by more time at the desk for millions of people.

Research reveals that although many of people are not taking their full holiday allocation, they realise its value.

More than half (56.3%) of those surveyed would be willing to swap a portion of their salary for more holiday days.

And one in five (20%) of these would give up at least 10% of their salary, which would equate to surrendering more than £2,760 a year.

One in five women would prefer to give up chocolate for a year than give up their holiday, according to the study.

Holidays are seen are key to ensuring health and wellbeing, almost two thirds of people feeling more productive after being away on a break.

The airline has issued a promotional video on YouTube to support the #Getoutofoffice campaign.

Virgin Atlantic customer executive vice president, Jill Brady, said: “We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to get stuck behind your desk wrapped up in emails.

“Holiday time is obviously important to British workers and it’s astounding that one in three people aren’t actually using their annual leave allocation.

“We want to encourage and inspire people to look beyond their laptop, get out of the office and take that trip they have always wanted to do.”