Break It In Style

Will you break it or make it in style?

Whatever your New Year’s resolution for 2017, Virgin Atlantic are here to encourage you. But they don’t mind whether you make it or break it – as long as you do it in style.

Their latest competition rewards you for doing exactly that. They want to see pictures of you sticking to your intention 100% of doing the exact opposite. The most spectacular makers could win a trip to the Caribbean and the for breakers, it could be a trip to Las Vegas. There’ll be plenty of other fab prizes too.

How to make it or break it

Take a picture that shows you being 100% dedicated to your resolution or completely off course. Whether it’s a seriously impressive gym selfie or a snap from that big night our you said ‘no’ to, they really want you to get creative.

Upload your picture to

T&Cs apply. Competition closes 10th February 2017.