The Family Holiday Association has begun to offer trips to families again, after a year-long hiatus amid the pandemic.

The industry charity is sending letters to families facing challenging situations, who have been waiting since last year for a holiday.

The FHA will start its season on May 28 – which is also the 46th anniversary of the charity’s founding.

The charity said 390 families have been waiting for a break since last year but the health, wellbeing and economic impacts of the pandemic mean that many more families will meet the eligibility criteria for a trip away.

After fulfilling its commitment to families due to travel in the past year, the charity plans to offer targeted referrals campaigns through the year.

However, the pandemic has hit the charity’s fundraising activities and it is asking the travel sector to consider making the FHA an official partner for fundraising.

Kat Lee, chief executive, said: “We provide families facing some of the toughest situations – like long-term illness, mental health, disability or domestic violence – their only chance of a break. As well as making memories, breaks give resilience, confidence and in some cases even improve school attendance.”