A panel of young talent at the 2019 Advantage conference in Cadiz addressed the “misconception” that millennials are lazy and said young staff want to be “treated like adults” and trusted in the workplace.

A survey of delegates looked at common words associated with the generation with words such as “lazy” appearing.

Amy Hogarth head of UK corporate sales at TAG, said: “I think the words we’ve seen show what people think and there’s a perception we want smoothies and beanbags at work.

“It’s a time when the whole world is disillusioned and we feel let down by our leaders. So we want a work environment where we feel safe and can trust leaders. Younger staff want to be trusted and treated like adults in the workplace.”

Ian Powell, head of trade sales at Saga Travel, said there isn’t much difference between millennials and older employees.

Meanwhile, Paul McCarroll, owner of Glasgow high street agency Paul McCarroll House of Travel, said: “I’ve got a lot of young people and older people working for me. I’ve noticed that because of my younger staff, they are bringing in a lot of younger customers. It’s important to have a mix of experienced staff.”

“Young people are working for different things and they are looking to develop transferable skills.

Powell added: “Millennials are looking for an opportunity to grow. You’re looking to get into a business that has ambitious plans and they also need clear direction too.”