SeaWorld San Diego has revealed the name of its new Penguin-themed dive coaster will be Emperor.

Due to open in summer 2020, the park claims the floorless dive roller coaster will be the tallest, fastest and longest in California.

The attraction will be located near to the Journey to Atlantis ride in the southeast corner of the park and has been designed to mimic the underwater diving ability of Emperor penguins.

It will climb to 153 feet and riders will be suspended on a 45° angle before plunging down a 143-foot vertical drop at more than 60 miles per hour.

The ride experience includes inversions, a barrel roll, Immelmann loop, hammerhead turn and a flat spin along almost 2,500 feet of track.

SeaWorld says the ride will highlight a new animal-conservation partnership between SeaWorld and Penguins International and a portion of the proceeds from sales of penguin merchandise at the Emperor shop will be donated to the charity.

“There will be no other coaster experience like this in California,” said Marilyn Hannes, SeaWorld San Diego’s park president. “Emperor will both thrill our coaster enthusiasts and also serve as an attraction that educates guests about the importance of animal and conservation issues.”

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