Thomas Cook will launch a price-driven campaign to boost bookings for Egypt and Tunisia in high-street shops today.

The company is also ready with a consumer marketing campaign for Tunisia that is awaiting official support and sign off by the Tunisian authorities. The retail campaign launched this morning. A Thomas Cook spokesman confirmed: “We’ll have a campaign on price to Egypt and Tunisia in stores from Friday.”

Tunisia’s national office of tourism is preparing its own campaign and slogans celebrating the country’s recent revolution and inviting visitors to enjoy the changed atmosphere and new spirit of openness.

Nabeul and Hammamet regional commissioner for tourism Mohamed Naceur Laribi said the campaign slogan would express the hope and excitement in the country. “Come to see the new Tunisia – a modern Tunisia – the friendly country,” he said.

Thomas Cook mainstream head of destination Mark Littlefair declined to give details of the marketing proposals presented to Tunisian officials and the new minister for tourism, but said:

“We have a proposal that we want agreed. As soon as we have it signed off we will have a big marketing campaign in the UK. We could launch the campaign within two weeks as soon as it is agreed.”