Expedia.co.uk aims to triple the number of travel agents to 3,000 signed up to its affiliate scheme this year.

The programme has more than 1,000 agents involved, with around 400 joining last year.

The company aims to raise membership of the Travel Agencies Affiliate Programme (TAAP) to at least 3,000 this year, according to business development manager Patrick Townend.

The affiliate programme aims to boost agent’s earnings by offering commission on bookings through Expedia.co.uk, including Expedia Special Rate (ESR) hotels, dynamic packaging, car rental and activities.

ESR hotels, car hire, destination services offer commission rates starting at 10%, which can be boosted through an ongoing incentive scheme.

Also e-packages, which include three nights of ESR accommodation, guarantee a minimum of 5% commission. 

Agents can access more than 130,000 hotels worldwide, 300 airlines, and car hire in 34 countries which are not available via GDS.

Expedia TAAP global director Diego Pedrani said: “There is total price transparency for the trade; prices on offer to the agents are the same as the customer sees on the B2C site so they can compete with even the most web-savvy client.”

“Putting the agent at the heart of the programme and then helping them help their customer is the central ethos to this. We’re here to support agents boost their earnings by expanding their access to world-leading products at very competitive prices.