The Advantage travel agency consortium has urged the government to reconsider its 14-day quarantine plans to “keep travel moving”.

This week the UK government confirmed plans to impose the two-week restriction on movement for anyone who enters the country from June 8 as it battles the spread of coronavirus.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, chief executive of The Advantage Travel Partnership said the moves “places tremendous strain on tourism businesses”.

In a response to the announcement, she said the government should consult with the industry and investigate the approach of establishing air bridges between countries with low infection rates.

“Health and safety of travellers and our colleagues is our number one priority and we ask that government reconsider all available options to keep travel moving.

“We urge the government to increase consultation with the travel industry around the concept of air bridges to provide a lifeline to travel agents, airlines, hoteliers, tour operators and business travel.”

Bue-Said added:  “The uncertainty that the government has created around when British travellers can travel abroad again is causing deep consequences for the tourism industry.

“Our research shows that two thirds of Brits would like to head overseas once restrictions are lifted but they will only have the confidence to if the UK government works with the travel sector to establish guidelines that protect travellers.”

Advantage leisure and business travel agents, who are part of Advantage Travel Partnership, account for £4.5 billion of travel sales each year.

The group’s survey was completed by 4,228 respondents between April 19 and May 3, with 26 UK regional airports indicated as respondents preferred aviation hubs.