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Title: Issue Date: 02/04/01
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Currency: reals (2.9 = £1 as Travel Weekly went to press).

Climate: between November and April, Recife’s average maximum is 30ûC with a low of 23ûC. In winter, the maximum high is 29ûC and a low of 21ûC. Rain is likely to fall on 16 or 17 days each month between May and August, falling to only three in October.

Food/drink: seafood is highlyrecommended. Feijoada is the closest Brazil comes to a national dish – it is a combination of port, sausage andsmoked meat cooked with black beans and garlic and garnished with slices of orange. Draught beer is called chopp; Antartica is the most widely available brand. The national drink is caparinha and is a cocktail of rum, lime, sugar and crushed ice.

Vaccinations: none compulsory although vaccinations against polio, hepatitis A and typhoid are recommended.

Language: Portuguese.

Sample product: two nights in the Amazon at the Ariau Jungle Lodge and 12 nights in Recife departing between May 25 and June 1 cost £1,649 with Unijet. The price includes 14 nights’ half-board accommodation, return flights and all transfers.