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Title: Issue Date: 30/04/01
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Flipper fun: swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove

SeaWorld/Discovery Cove, Orlando

Although SeaWorld is the most popular water-based theme park in Orlando, all eyes are on the operator’s new swim-with-the-dolphins Discovery Cove attraction which is located adjacent to it.

In order to maintain the unique environment without overcrowding, Discovery Cove limits visitor numbers to 1,000 a day, hence the current prices of $199 for the dolphin swim, $89 for entry that excludes the dolphin encounter, and a whopping $369 to become a trainer for the day in an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit.

However, all the day packages include unlimited access to swimming and snorkelling areas, a meal, use of snorkelling equipment, towel, locker and beach chairs, plus a seven-day pass for unlimited access to SeaWorld Orlando.

Areas include the Dolphin Lagoon, the Coral Reef, the Ray Lagoon, the Tropical River, and a 100ft-long, four-storey aviary filled with 300 exotic birds. All these sections are accessible to guests, who can mingle with both the marine and bird life.

There are also beaches and pools for relaxation, with umbrellas, hammocks, sun loungers and deck chairs.

Following the introduction of theme rides Journey to Atlantis and Wild Arctic, SeaWorld’s newest roller coaster ride is called the Kraken. It claims to be the highest, fastest and longest roller coaster ride in Orlando, with a floorless design and open-sided seats.