TV Travel Shop could face a payout of around
£600,000 after the Transport Salaried
’ Association vowed to take the
company to court over its staff redundancy practices.

The travel trade union has accused TV Travel Shop of breaking
the law in its consultation with 200 Bromley-based agents and
customer service staff who all face losing their jobs.

The company, part of InterActiveCorp, is outsourcing the jobs to
Belfast-based sister company PRC.

The TSSA has accused the company of flouting employment law by
not engaging in meaningful consultation with employees.

Staff consultation is meant to examine options that can avoid
redundancy, but the TSSA claims PRC has been recruiting in Belfast
for a month despite the fact talks with Bromley-based staff only
started this week. The union understands senior managers from
Bromley have been secretly flown to Belfast to train around 50

TSSA negotiations officer Jerry Wines said an application to the
Employment Tribunal for compensation for the 200 staff will be

The law allows for payouts of up to 90 days’ wages per
person for successful claims. TV Travel Shop could be facing a
payout of £600,000 as the 200 staff are believed to be earning
around £12,000 a year.

Wines labelled the consultation process “a sham” and the company
“appalling for ignoring the law and having a cavalier attitude to
staff”. He added: “What’s the point of consultation now?
It’s clear the decision was made a long time ago. It’s
just an afterthought. We intend to pursue the matter through the

A TV Travel Shop spokeswoman said the scaling back of the
Bromley call centre and customer service department is “still at
proposal stage”. “Liaison with all staff is ongoing. It is being
taken very seriously and will continue in the appropriate manner.
TV Travel Shop has and will continue to act according to all
employment laws and guidelines.”