THE Federation of Tour Operators has drawn up an industry wish
list for the country’s next Government.
It is the first time the FTO has produced a manifesto that will be
sent to each political party in the run-up to the election.

FTO chairman Ian Ailles said: “It’s to give us a
clearer lobbying voice.”

Four key issues are outlined  to protect the trade and safeguard
overseas holidays for the 16 million Brits who travel with FTO
members each year.

Top of the list is new financial protection regulation. FTO
director-general Andy Cooper said the growth of no-frills airlines
and online travel companies and the ensuing drop in ATOL protection
means fewer customers are protected from financial failure.

“There’s an enormous prospect of damage to all of
the trade if there is a huge catastrophe,” said Cooper.

Secondly, Cooper wants plans for a new Stansted Airport runway
shelved and new runways built at Heathrow and Gatwick instead. He
denied there was a need for a tax on air fuel, arguing even if most
aircraft are privately owned they provide public transport.

Finally, he called upon the new Government to push for a
Europe-wide scheme aimed at increasing health and safety standards
including everything from hotels to poolside safety.