COSMOS is to drop its Wintersun brochure in favour of making its brochures year-round.

As a result the, operator will bring out year-round Spain and Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, and Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia brochures in early December. These will cover summer 2006 and winter 2006/07.

The operator has already dropped Summersun programmes and hopes this move will complete its transition to becoming destination led. Cosmos also no longer wants to be cast as “one of the big four”, which still produce summer and wintersun brochures.

Commercial director Stuart Jackson said: “Just because it’s what we’ve always done doesn’t make it right. “We have thought about this long and hard. Customers do not buy by brochure title, they buy by destination.”

Benefits of the change means more clarity for customers with just one destination-led brochure for summer and winter, while it will help the trade in terms of racking space, he added.

There will also be some cost savings in brochure production as duplication will be avoided but that was not the main driver for the change, said Jackson.