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Supplier Training: Jumeriah

Thomas Cook Signature and the Jumeirah range of hotels

Welcome to the Jumeirah range of hotels featured within the Thomas Cook Signature portfolio.

You will notice that there isn’t a Jumeirah quiz to take within the Supplier Training section.  This is because we have already focussed on a selection of the Jumeirah hotels within the Dubai module in the Core Training section.

However, we wanted to remind you of the vast choice on offer from Jumeriah ranging from the very popular Jumeriah Beach Hotel, the world famous Burj Al Arab, not to forget Madinat Jumeriah and Bab El Shams…

So if you would like more information on the selected Jumeirah hotels, these are featured within the following brochures:

  • Egypt and Middle East
  • Latitude
  • Worldwide

Alternatively, you can always click ‘home’ and revisit the Dubai and UAE module within Core Training. 

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