National Car Rental has come up with a novel way of tackling congestion and reducing its emissions by using motorised scooters to ride away in after delivering a car to a customer.

The scooters are stored in the boot of the car during delivery for staff to use instead of a second vehicle. At the end of the rental staff will collect the car on a scooter before putting in the car’s boot to drive back to base. 

The scheme is now being used at 23 locations across the UK with the recent addition of Brighton and Barking, and there are plans to expand further in 2007.

National Car Rental vice president of UK operations Brian Jayes said: “National’s growing use of this approach is an illustration of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. 

“The scooters are very eco-friendly and will contribute towards reducing congestion in towns and cities. This is a very important part of our drive to care for the environment and we hope to expand the initiative to include even more UK locations in 2007.”