Hays Travel Conference 2007

Hays Travel is optimistic that a healthy travel recruitment market will sustain the company’s drive to increase its number of homeworkers.

Last week’s conference heard Hays Travel was on target to employ more than 400 homeworkers by the end of this year.

The company currently has around 260 agents working from home, having grown from 140 this time last year, but believes it is still some way off its natural upper limit.

Managing director John Hays said there is a lot of potential in homeworking with agents building up their own businesses and client banks to become more successful.

Hays said: “We are on target for what we hope to achieve. The focus for recruitment is for experienced, highly skilled agents. Eventually there will be a limit but I don’t think we are anywhere near it yet.”

Speaking before news of the TUI Group/First Choice merger this week, Hays said he believes there will be further reductions in staff numbers within the big four.

“A lot of those people will be lost to the industry all together. Those who are experienced will find employment in the industry because it is what they enjoy doing. Hopefully a good percentage will want to join a large company such as ours,” he said.

Hays sales and development director David Hawke added: “Shop closures and consolidation are constant. There may be some big surprises but in the meantime we are intending to work hard on recruitment over the next few months, certainly before the summer lates period.”