This supplement comes on the heels of a month that has seen Travel Weekly dedicate editorial and events to the most important area facing the travel industry today – dynamic packaging.

Whether you should be creating your own holiday packages, which companies supply you with the tools to do it, which components can work together and how, when you have all that information, you can actually pull it off – you’ll find all that and more in this dedicated guide.

But if you are embracing the world of dynamic packaging it’s vital to understand the legal implications surrounding liability if things go wrong for your clients.

You’d be forgiven for being confused – the industry is waiting for clarification on whether agents need ATOL bonding or similar protection, but in the meantime, our writers have spoken to the experts and found out exactly how the ground lies.

We took the industry to the agents with our annual series of Dynamic Packaging Roadshow last month. If you weren’t lucky enough to attend you can find more about our sponsors on page 26.

Emily Bamber
Supplements editor
Travel Weekly


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