Pow Wow International 2007

Asthmatics and people who suffer from serious allergies could soon benefit from new technology being used by Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

Spokeswoman Linda Ayares said following three months of trials, the hotel chain now has the technology to rid a room of up to 98% of all allergy-causing bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

The technology is now being piloted in around 20% of all rooms at the Premier Hotel in Times Square, New York, and it is hoped it could be rolled out to other hotels before the end of the year.

Ayares said: “We’ve started looking at what people are really concerned about and rather than just putting scented candles or other decorations in rooms we’re looking at the big issues.

“Around 75% of people in the US alone suffer some form of allergy and having a bad reaction can really ruin a holiday or business trip if you get no sleep.”

She added the technology in the Premier Pure rooms consists of a silent filtration unit hidden under the sofa while further filters in the air conditioning also combat allergens.

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