A report by the National Consumer Council published today shows the difficulties in persuading consumers to move to greener holiday habits.

The NCC called for collective action on climate change by urging government, business and regulators to address the domestic tourism industry and make UK destinations more attractive.

As record numbers of Britons fly abroad, the NCC argues that far more could be done for climate change by making UK holidays better value, in particular by reversing the high costs of rail fares, accommodation and leisure facilities.

Research by the NCC found the cost of travel to Blackpool with accommodation in mid-August is £554 for a return train ticket from London to Blackpool and a week’s accommodation. Meanwhile a return flight with seven nights’ accommodation in Barcelona is £518.

NCC chief executive Ed Mayo said: “Our island has much to offer – from beautiful countryside to historic towns and cities. But, if costs are high and customer service is poor, people will continue to fly abroad.”

The NCC called for the travel industry to ensure the quality of hotels, leisure facilities and customer service are on par, if not better, than overseas. It said rail fares could be reduced to coincide with the school summer holidays and government could help by exploring ways to reduce the cost burdens for hotel stays and the tourist industry.