The Independent

Airlines are going to great lengths to protect their luxury offerings. Virgin Atlantic has started legal proceedings against Welsh seating manufacturer Contour because rival carriers, including Delta, Cathay Pacific and the Indian airline Jet Air, are using what Virgin claims are copies of their Upper Class ‘herringbone’ seats.

Daily Mail

Two British school children have been left orphaned after their parents drowned trying to save them from treacherous sea conditions in Portugal. The couple were among four adults who died trying to save up to five children on a surfing beach at Sagres in south west Portugal.

A seven-year-old girl is fighting for her life after falling from a fifth floor hotel balcony in Majorca. Police are still searching for Gianna Cooper’s mother, who is reported to have left the scene soon after the incident.


Thousands of people have had to flee their homes as fires rage across southern California.More than 250,000 were evacuated in San Diego alone, where fires burned 100,000 acres. One person has been killed and more than 20 injured.

The Times

Car travel will be strictly limited during the Olympics 2012 near venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff, Weymouth and Portland in Dorset. The organising team wants to make the Games a testing ground for a radical shift in transport planning to be extended to all major cultural and sporting events. Only a small number of disabled people will be allowed to park anywhere near the venues.