More than a third of passengers say their ability to make travel arrangements on the web influences their airline booking decisions, says new research from SITA.

The travel technology company found this was the case for 39% of passengers. Ability to use the web to make arrangements came in ahead of airlines services (31%) and previous travel experience (27%).  Price was the deciding factor price (65%).

In a survey of 1,138 passengers at departure gates in Atlanta, Hong Kong and London Heathrow airports, SITA found Web check-in continues to gain in popularity with frequent users doubling at London Heathrow (to 20%) and also rising markedly in both Atlanta (32%) and Hong Kong (13%).

Passengers are getting more used to automated technologies, the survey found. The proportion of passengers who have never used self-service check-in kiosks has fallen from 41% to 37% since last year’s survey at the same three airports.