Barrhead Travel chief executive Bill Munro is launching into health travel after handing over the business to his daughter Sharon and directors in a management buy out deal this week.

Munro has started up a company, Imagine Healthcare, with his other daughter Wendy specialising in overseas cosmetic and orthopedic surgery.

Munro said: “The procedures carried out are arguably better than in the UK, and even with the recuperation period in a quality hotel and the travel, the costs are still a lot less than having it done in the UK.

“If a patient has been on the waiting list for a long period, then the NHS is obliged to pay or subsidise the costs. This could help reduce waiting times and be a win-win situation for all.”

Munro will continue in a consultancy role at Barrhead Travel and as executive chairman of the board of directors.

The management deal was financed by Bank of Scotland Corporate.