Tourism chiefs in Switzerland’s Graubünden region have severed links with the country’s tourist board and opened their own representation offices in the UK, Germany and Benelux countries.

Graubünden Tourist Board chief executive officer Gaudenz Thoma said the two bodies have different aims. He wants to bring tourists to his region, while Switzerland Tourism is looking to boost national visitor figures.

He said: “In countries where we believe there is greater potential, we are opening our own offices. Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, especially Russia, will get their own offices within three years, with the US, Japan, China, India and Gulf region in five years or so, but sooner if opportunities arrive.”

Thoma said the new offices will aim to raise awareness of the region, at the eastern edge of the country and including well-known resorts such as Davos, St Moritz and Klosters.

He said: “We are not planning massive campaigns across London because we want a more targeted approach, but we will also be looking to educate agents and operators through fam trips.”

He added: “The winter takes care of itself so we will be focusing 60% of our efforts on the summer as that has the biggest potential for growth.” 

Summer attractions include walking, spas, golf and biking, as well as the region’s history and culture. It is possible to travel from Paris to the capital, Chur, in six hours on the TGV.