The On Holiday Group, the owner of Holiday Brokers, is launching a new accommodation category for the peak January booking period called “Drinks Included”.

The product will see hotels offering a slimmed down all-inclusive product where food is removed from the offer but all-inclusive drinks are part of the deal.

Simon Martin, the Holiday Brokers contracts manager, who came up with the concept said: “This is an ideal product for hoteliers since increasing the staffing within a bar area is much easier and more cost effective than trying to provide all-inclusive food packages.

“Also the cost of providing free drinks is often off set by increased food revenues as customers are incentivised to stay on site more”.

The company said its market research using Facebook polls confirmed  there is a clear demand for the product with over 65% of customers quoting food as the element they would be most willing to sacrifice in order to have cheaper all-inclusive holiday.

Brian Young group sales director added: “It would appear that customers would prefer the flexibility to eat where and when they like on holiday but understand the terrific value that pre-paying for drinks can represent. With drinks included upgrades starting at £5.00 per person per day, lots of customers will be seeking to maximise their savings.”

OHG has currently signed agreements with 40 hotels in the Canaries to offer the new product and will be seeking a further 60 properties in the Spain and the Eastern Mediterranean before the summer 2008 season begins.