Half of UK airport users are anxious about air travel, research by Holiday Extras has revealed.

Despite the recent crash landing at Heathrow, safety is not the main concern. Some 37% of travellers are most anxious about missing a flight or arriving late.

The survey also revealed travellers’ obsessive compulsive tendencies, with four out of ten holidaymakers admitting to checking their travel documents up to four times before they leave.

The Scots and Welsh are the most relaxed with almost 60% saying they feel calm and happy before a flight.

Parents of young children and babies have the most stressful experience at UK airports according to three quarters of respondents, while old and infirm travellers attract sympathy from 15%.

Holiday Extras web and marketing director Matthew Pack said: “Overseas holidays may be fun, but clearly getting there is a nightmare for most of us. Most people still travel to the airport by car so to cut stress levels we advise travellers to book their parking in advance.

“For families with an early start, a night in an airport hotel can make all the difference and often comes with great value parking too. Also for those who dread delays, airport lounges can provide a calm refuge and an escape from the crowds.”

Holiday Extras commissioned The Leadership Factor to survey 1,000 adults who had flown abroad at least once in the last year. The survey was conducted in December last year.