If you believe British Airways and Virgin Atlantic’s proposed settlement on fuel surcharges entitles you or your clients to a refund, here’s what you need to know.

The court may take three months to accept the proposals. It will then appoint an independent claims assessor within 60 days.

The assessor will decide on the claims process. Passengers will have until 2012 to file claims.

Claims will only apply to tickets bought between August 11 2004 and March 23 2006 for flights lasting more than seven hours.

The maximum refund will be £20 per return, but could be as little as £2 one way. There will be no charge to claim the refund.

BA and Virgin Atlantic will not handle claims, but will pay the costs of administration.

Claims can be made online once the process is finalised. To register go to airpassengerrefund.co.uk

For more information, call freephone number 0800 043 0343.