Confusion over the eligibility of people with dual-nationalities to enter the US has been cleared up after mixed interpretation of President Trump’s executive order.

The president has banned people from seven mainly Muslim countries from entering the USA for 90 days; Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

It was interpreted as a ban on British citizens with dual nationalities in those countries, such as recently-knighted Olympic hero and Somalian passport holder Sir Mo Farah.

Abta has now clarified the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s advice.

A spokesman told Travel Weekly: “As long as they are travelling on a UK passport, they can still travel to the US, subject to further security.”

Travel Weekly understands that further security could involve interviews or extra checks on arrival in the States.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also clarified the position.

Mr Johnson also said President Trump’s “bark is far worse than his bite” while saying he thought the travel ban on the seven countries was “wrong”.