Customers whose holidays are ruined by bad weather can now claim back the cost of their trips through a new online service.

Ex–Google employee David Friedberg, who established WeatherBill last year, has signed a deal with online travel portal Priceline and is looking to work with UK travel companies.

Its ‘sunshine guarantee’ for Priceline refunds 100% of the airfare, hotel and car rental if it rains more than 0.5 inches per day on half or more of the holiday. This is valid during the summer months in about 100 destinations. chief marketing officer said customers would not have to pay any extra for their trip.“These sunshine guaranteed vacations are available at the same prices we offer for all our packages. Our ­customers can book knowing there’s a silver lining if mother nature doesn’t co–operate.”

Priceline pays WeatherBill a fee for each holiday booked, ­depending on the probability of rain in that area. If a holiday is rained out, WeatherBill will automatically refund the entire cost of the trip.

Founded in San Francisco, WeatherBill has opened an ­office in London and hopes to strike deals with major travel companies to expand its service in the UK.

WeatherBill Europe managing director Jens Boening said: “Weather risk management has been used by large insurance companies for a while, but we want to take it mass market. We are offering this and similar services to agents and operators of all sizes in the UK.

“The travel industry is very competitive with many people selling the same destinations for similar prices. Offering a weather guarantee can really differentiate you from the competition.”