The Kuoni Snow 2009 brochure is featuring South America, New Zealand and Japan for the first time in its winter sports programme.

Senior product manager Alicia Welsman said the destinations have been included to attract experienced skiers who may be getting bored of resorts in the Alps and the US and are looking for different skiing experiences further afield.

She added: “We’ve have got good ground agents and it is easy to attach the ski programmes on to our regular programmes.

“There is a market out there, it is pretty niche but the good thing is it reminds the agents and the customer that we can do it if they’ve been thinking of skiing in any of these regions then we’re hoping this programme will nudge them into doing it.”

The ski resort featured in Japan is Niseko on the island of Hokkaido where the operator is featuring three different hotels. A visit to the resort can be tailor-made into a wider trip taking in Japanese cities, including Kyoto and Tokyo.

In South America the operator is featuring three resorts while a further two resorts have been included in New Zealand.