Holiday squabbles and tantrums surface when children reach 11 years old, a report by Ocean Village has claimed.

Nearly 40% of parents and almost half of kids report an increase in holiday arguments from that age.

A quarter of children questioned by the cruise company said they find family holidays boring because they are prevented from pursuing their own interests.

However, the report claims parents are beginning to involve their children in planning the family holiday to help ease the stress.

Half of parents pre-book holiday activities to try to keep all members of the family happy, while over a third of parents ensure that each member of the family gets an equal vote in choosing the type of holiday and destination they choose.

Children and parents often find out something new about each other. Parents are most likely to discover the type of music their children like, followed by who they fancy at school.

Two thirds of children discover that their parents have a hidden talent such as speaking a foreign language or playing a musical instrument.

Ocean Village head of marketing communications Gill Haynes said: “Our research shows the increasing importance of the family holiday as a way to re-establish family bonds, not only amongst the generations, but also between parents and children.

“This means that the requirements of an average family holiday are becoming increasingly complex to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the time they spend together.”

Ciao Surveys conducted online interviews for Ocean Village with 1,000 people including parents of children aged between 9-17 years and children aged between 9-17 years.