Dozens of flights in New Zealand have been cancelled after a digger cut through Auckland airport’s sole supply of jet fuel from a nearby refinery.

As many as 30 Air New Zealand flights up until Wednesday have been grounded.

This is in addition of the airport reporting 27 domestic and international flight cancellations over the weekend.

At least one Emirates flight from Dubai was diverted to Christchurch for refuelling.

Air New Zealand said: “The temporary shut-down of Refining New Zealand’s pipeline into Auckland is currently impacting all airlines operating into and out of Auckland airport and limiting the volume of jet fuel able to be uplifted.

“Air New Zealand is currently working through the implications for its operations over coming days and is putting a range of measures in place.”

These include cancelling some domestic and trans-Tasman services and requiring some long-haul services to and from Asia and North America to make refuelling stops at Pacific or Australian airports.

Auckland airport said: “Oil companies are responsible for transporting, storing and supplying fuel for use by airlines at the airport, and as a result of the pipeline damage the oil companies are currently rationing the amount of fuel they are supplying to airlines.”

Auckland Airport chief executive Adrian Littlewood said: “We will have additional staff in the terminals supporting passengers and addressing any questions or concerns they may have.

“We strongly recommend that any passengers travelling over the coming days plan ahead and check with their airline for the latest information.”