The wider tourism industry is “not playing its part” in combating the negative effects of footfall in popular holiday destinations.

David Dingle, Clia Europe’s deputy chair, issued a warning to the travel sector after insisting the cruise industry “absolutely recognises it has an enormous duty” to protect the environment.

He said: “All I want to say is that this is not principally a problem for the cruise industry.

“What we do ask is that the tourism industry more generally is assessed. I am very proud to say that the cruise industry is wanting to be a greater part of the solution to the problem.

“I think it is unfair if we relatively disadvantage ourselves because the wider tourism industry is not playing its part.”

Dingle highlighted the cruise industry’s efforts to reach a solution in Dubrovnik and Venice where environmentalists and local authorities have voiced concerns over the effects of ‘overtourism’.

On Dubrovnik, where talks are underway with the local authorities to avoid the number of visitors being cut, he said: “We want everybody within the industry, and there is a lot of responsibility here, to improve the planning of visits.

“We need to find a solution to Dubrovnik. We are engaging with the mayor of Dubrovnik.

“Can we have more control over timings out of tourists going through that gateway? The most important thing is that we are talking to the authorities.”

Dingle addressed several current issues facing cruise lines and the travel industry at a round table discussion hosted by Clia in central London on Thursday morning.

“Cruise is an increasingly visible industry,” he said.