ABTA has confirmed that it is moving its head office to London Bridge.

The move will see all of the association’s 72 staff move from its current base in Newman Street to 20 Park Street, which lies between Waterloo and London Bridge stations, at the end of January. ABTA has been based at Newman Street since 1997.

Negotiations for the new premises, which will be rented, have been taking place since September and staff will now all share an open plan office on a single floor. It is hoped the new layout will improve communication between staff members, improving services for the association’s members, while the fact that the office is smaller means it is also cheaper.

The Federation of Tour Operators, which recently merged with ABTA, will move from its premises in Hayward’s Heath.

ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer said: “The move to Park Street will be a real step forward for ABTA as we move into a more streamlined and digital age, much better able to serve the industry of today and tomorrow.

“We will have less paper, be a more sustainable office, and the move with the Federation of Tour Operators will cement a one team ethos throughout the association.”

Rumours have circulated since the beginning of the year that ABTA was planning on selling off its Newman Street offices as part of a move. ABTA will retain ownership of the the old premises, which will be rented out.