Maldives tourism chiefs have declared the country safe for holidaymakers despite a 15-day state of emergency being declared on Monday amid political turmoil in the capital of Male.

The Maldives Ministry of Tourism highlighted that all tourism related businesses across the Indian Ocean nation will operate as usual over the period.

The political crisis comes during the country’s peak tourism season, when tens of thousands of overseas holidaymakers visit beaches across the Maldives’ 26 coral atolls and 1,192 islands.

“The state of emergency does not force any restrictions on travelling to the Maldives or within the Maldives,” a statement issued by the tourism ministry said.

“All international airports including Velana international airport and all domestic airports, tourist resorts, resort hotels, tourist guest houses, safari boats [and] marinas are in full operation.

“International and domestic flights, sea plane operations and all modes of transport are in operation.

“Public safety is of paramount importance and the government assures the safety of the destination.”

Ahmed Shiaan, ambassador of the Maldives to the UK, said: “The Maldives remains stable following the declaration of the state of emergency.

“Tourists shall not be impacted by the events taking place in the capital. All resorts throughout the nation’s atolls remain unaffected by the political impasse.

“Flights, hotels and other companies in the tourism sector will continue to operate as usual. The Maldives government puts a premium on tourism safety. This will not change in the coming days.”