Around 150 travel agents are to attend the ninth annual Greek Sympossio Gourmet Touring events hosted by the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

Attendees will learn how to cook Greek food, this year in the cuisine of the Peloponnese region – from the olives and olive oil of Kalamata to the raisins from Aigialeia – as the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Enterprise Greece are among the sponsors.

The menu includes spinach and cheese pies with feta sauce, aromatic chicken with vegetable trachanas and a caramelized phyllo pastry with yogurt cream and grape spoon sweet.

Greek producers, chefs, hoteliers, airlines, tour operators and travel trade businesses will all be in attendance at the events.

Four events are planned: in London on March 12, Dublin on March 13, Manchester on March 14 and Edinburgh on March 15.

Alexandros Angelopoulos, vice president of Aldemar Resorts, the UK & Ireland sponsors, said: “We have wrapped this ethos of Greek home cooking (the cuisine of grandmothers and mothers) bringing it to the UK’s travel trade to re-create the dishes whilst savouring them in the company of their colleagues. We also hope that when they get home, armed with recipes and apron, they may also try out the dishes on their family for a Sunday lunch gathering.

“Home-cooked Greek food is all about commitment and genuine hospitality, a homemade meal arouses a sense of belonging with family. It is made with such consideration, that it ensures nutritional value without losing its distinctive taste.”

Dublin Airport are sponsoring the Dublin while Classic Collection Holidays is supporting the London, Manchester and Edinburgh dates.

Emy Anagnostopoulou, director for UK & Ireland for the Greek National Tourist Office, added: “We value the role of authentic, local cuisine in providing travellers to Greece with an added reason for returning to our shores as often as possible, enriching the overall travel experience.”

Claire Stafa, travel agency marketing manager at Classic Collection Holidays, said: “Travel agents are crucial to the success of Classic Collection Holidays, and we’re delighted to support both the UK travel trade and our Greek tourist board and hotelier partner with this entertaining and enjoyable marketing venture.

“Greece is performing particularly well for the coming spring and summer season, and memorable events like this can only help to build on the early sales momentum, reminding us of the tradition, taste and hospitality that have secured Greece’s position as a perennial favourite with holidaymakers.”

Email to register for a place at either the London, Manchester and Edinburgh events.