Further heavy snow has hit the UK today, causing disruption at airports in the south and the southwest. Reporter Chloe Berman travelled to Luton to catch a flight with easyJet…

I got the train from West Hampstead to Luton station, but there was no shuttle bus between the station and the airport because of the snow-clogged roads so I had to walk over a mile in thick snow.

I got to the airport and the boards said my 10.45am flight was taking off at 12.30pm – which was great until it disappeared from the screen altogether.

EasyJet staff were nowhere to be seen, so I asked a guy in a yellow jacket, who said the flight was cancelled and there would be no others for the rest of the day – apart from a fully-booked one at 9.00pm.

So I then had to walk a mile back to the station in blizzard conditions. I eventually got on a train home with soaking wet feet and a bad mood.

The service from Luton and easyjet was appalling. There was no communication and no staff, and no visible attempt to clear the roads. The place is chaos – everyone’s just wandering around looking confused. Those who aren’t have given up and fallen asleep on the floor.

I spoke to one guy who was missing his grandma’s funeral in Glasgow, and another couple whose flight had been cancelled yesterday. They’d come back today to find it cancelled again.

It’s amazing how a couple of inches of snow can cause utter chaos…