The Thai baht has broken into the top three of a currency exchange company’s best-selling currencies in the UK for the first time.

International Currency Exchange head of marketing Andrew Hamilton said the baht took third place after sales in February grew 102% on January.

The growth places the baht behind the euro and the US dollar as consumers increasingly look for long-haul value destinations.

He added the trend was also visible as the East Caribbean dollar broke into the top 20 for the first time as the sixteenth best seller while the Brazilian real has seen sales increase by 85% month on month, taking it to seventh place.

Hamilton said: “It was a big surprise to see orders for Thai baht rise 102% on average pushing it ahead of Australian dollar orders and into the top three currencies in February 2009.

“Even further abroad, Brazil looks set to be this season’s Mexico, as Brits recognise the great exchange rate on the Brazilian real.”

He added despite the continued weakness of the pound, both the euro and the dollar have seen sales 35% ahead of those in January while the South African rand has fallen by 76% as its summer draws to a close.