Travel companies are the “gatekeepers” of sustainable travel and have a responsibility to sell experiences properly, according to broadcaster and marine biologist Monty Halls.

Halls, who presented My Family and The Galapagos for Channel 4, aired in July, urged the travel trade to act responsibly to turn its clients into “ambassadors” of endangered parts of the world.

Speaking at the 2018 Aito overseas conference, he said: “There is good evidence that you the best way to save a threatened eco system is to send local tourists there.

“It means that system has real value to the nation and it means you have ambassadors. Running responsible tourism operations, getting people to these places well resourced and well advised, is our responsibility as an industry, and a very positive thing.

“You are the gate keepers of sustainable travel and making sure things are done properly. For some environments, getting people there might be their last hope.”

He added that there was a new generation of holidaymakers who were more aware of sustainable issues and the environment “than we ever were”.

“They are putting pressure on their parents to travel more responsibly; that has a dramatic impact on travel.”